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Our mission is encourage Indonesian Healthcare to be able and eligible to work abroad with international professional standard

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The board of Directors

We are honored to be part of your international career. We are glad and pleasure to serve you


Satya Lencana, CEO
Everyone is unique, should be treated by professional and humanely. Do not hesitate to join us!


Akhir Fahruddin, Head of DSA Review Center
You are eligible to be recognized in the international career. We are here to serve you.


Yono Malakiano, Head of DSA English Center
You can take a rest, but do not ever to quit. Get the first step to pursue your brighter career. Give it a shoot!


Sea Woelandary, Head of DSA Resume Center
It's hard to convince employer how prestige you are. Explain them thru your excellent Resume (CV) to impress and be more confidence


Triyana Puspa Dewi, Head of DSA Translation Center
There is no excuse to be the best beyond our expectation. We are pleased to translate all of your required documents and be more professional


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In order to develop our program, we are welcome for those who interest to discuss and talk advance about business with Devisaudia.com

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Looking for a Job Vacancy?

Nowadays, we are not only providing healthcare job vacancy, but for non medical also. Find out what available job for you now!

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