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According to the Saudi Commission for Health Specialities (SCFHS) under the Ministry of Health Saudi Arabia’s assignment, we have updated several important information regarding Mumaris Plus as of November 20, 2023.

Currently, SCFHS has divided the Nursing and Midwifery Group into 6 categories as follows:


1. Nursing in training
This category is aimed at nursing students for training purposes, such as in the hospital, clinic, and other related health facilities (Read: “Apprentice Student)

2. Health Assistance
Nursing vocational is for those who have learned and had nursing experience in Vocational High School or Senior High School.

3. Nursing Technician
This category is for those who graduated from the Nursing Academy with a Diploma in Nursing

4. Nursing Specialist
This category is for those who graduated from the Nursing College or University as Bachelor of Science Nursing

5. Senior Nurse Specialist
This category is for those who graduated with a Master of Nursing (Linear). In condition, the magister program taken are not linear (beyond science nursing), so they will deploy as Administration & Community Health

6. Nurse Consultant
This category is for those who graduated as Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)


There is no longer a need NAFAT Application due to ineffective orders to sign in to the system.

Even if there is a problem with either examination or mumaris, we are still encouraged through Tawassul, but now tawassul is included inside the Mumaris System (Not separated). The team of tawassul will reply to our complaint/query within 24 hours


Health AssistantMumaris A (Submission)200 SAR
Mumaris B (Acceptance)560 SAR
Nurse / MidwifeTechnicianMumaris A (Submission)200 SAR
Mumaris B (Acceptance)560 SAR
Nurse / MidwifeSpecialistMumaris A (Submission)200 SAR
Mumaris B (Acceptance)1140 SAR
Senior SpecialistMumaris A (Submission)200 SAR
Mumaris B (Acceptance)1220 SAR
ConsultantMumaris A (Submission)200 SAR
Mumaris B (Acceptance)1700 SAR


For upgrade rank, we can use the feature Professional Certification Recognition with payment as follows

Mumaris A (Submission)200 SAR
Mumaris B (Recognition)400 SAR
Required documents :
Degree Certificate, academic transcript, License and Dataflow

Note :
Registration with Iqama will take time approximately 15 working days and with a Passport will take time 30 working days

Kind regards
DSA Review Center Team



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